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Here’s What to Eat After a Workout (and What to Avoid)

Halperin agrees and says combining these for a “post-workout trifecta” is ideal. She lists yogurt and fruit, peanut butter sandwiches, turkey on whole grain bread with vegetables, hummus with whole wheat pita and veggies, and chicken with brown rice as some of the simple combos you can make yourself after exercising. 


Carbs are what you need to replenish your energy, especially if you’re training for several hours or multiple times a day. Stangland says that complex carbohydrates (a.k.a. minimally processed) are the best types of carbs as they will provide a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and fibers. These include foods like whole grain bread, brown rice, vegetables, and fruit. 


​​Halperin says that protein is what helps repair and build muscle, as studies show that taking in 20 to 40 grams is the right amount of protein to help the body maximize muscle growth and health after a

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