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What’s Healthy About Brown Rice?

<p>Kinga Krzeminska / Getty Images</p>

Kinga Krzeminska / Getty Images

Medically reviewed by Jonathan Purtell, MS, RD, CDN

Brown rice is made up of three different parts: a germ, bran, and endosperm. It is less processed than white rice and gets its color from the remaining bran and germ layer. Brown rice is considered healthier than white rice because of its nutrient content, which contains dietary fiber and many vitamins and minerals.

This article discusses brown rice’s benefits, varieties, and nutritional information.

<p>Kinga Krzeminska / Getty Images</p>

Kinga Krzeminska / Getty Images

Benefits: Why Is Brown Rice Good for You?

There are several health benefits associated with eating brown rice because it contains the bran and germ, which are removed during processing to make white rice.

These parts of brown rice offer several nutrients not found in white rice. Some possible health benefits of consuming brown rice are listed below.

Heart Health

Brown rice is considered heart-healthy because of the

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