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Vida Glow’s Women Health Supplements

Cult wellness and beauty brand Vida Glow has just released a new series of supplements, targeted to support women’s health specifically. 

If you’re not familiar with Vida Glow, the brand shot to cult status thanks to its hyped natural marine collagen poweder. Now, they’ve expanded on their impressive range of inner-beauty-boosting goodies and entered the world of supplements, offering a series of four new staples to add to your daily health and wellness regime. 

Each of the four newbie supplements is specifically formulated to support different elements of women’s health. The Multi-360 is here to help your overall well-being, Gut Pro is designed to help relieve symptoms of bloating and support vaginal health, and Prenatal+ is a must for preconception health and pregnancy health, and even provides relief from morning sickness relief.

Last but not least, De-Stress uses a blend of vitamin C, vitamin B5, and Serenzo®, which

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