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The Best Travel Insurance Companies Of May 2023

Whether you’re taking a family vacation to Disney World or a romantic cruise through the Mediterranean, travel insurance could help protect your trip from the unexpected. From trip cancellations and flight delays to medical emergencies, travel insurance could protect you financially and give you peace of mind.

There are several different types of travel insurance plans to choose from when shopping for a policy. Here are a few of the common coverage types:

  • Trip cancellation coverage: Helps you recoup travel expenses if you can’t travel, though generally limited to specific reasons. 
  • Travel delay coverage: Helps you cover expenses if your travel is delayed due to a covered reason. 
  • Trip interruption coverage: Helps if you need to cut your trip short. Covered reasons may include an injury or illness on the trip, or a family emergency at home. 
  • Medical expenses and emergency evacuation coverage: This covers unforeseen medical expenses when
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