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The Rise Of #HowToReduceCortisol On TikTok

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The Rise Of TikTok’s #HowToReduceCortisolGetty Images

Living a stress-free life seems like a far-flung dream. As far back as Ancient Greek civilisations, we’ve been expressing concern over stress. Indeed, the Greeks invented stoicism at least in part to help manage stress, anxiety and depression. In current times, the global pandemic – with its enormous health and socio-economic impact – has seen stress hit its highest spikes in decades. Gov. uk cited a 10% increase in psychological distress among adults over 18, thanks to Covid-19. And the implications of this have been clear to see, with people at their wits ends calling for the Great Resignation, ‘quiet quitting‘ and struggling with burnout.

So it’s unsurprising, given *TikTok’s role as a modern-day guidebook for life, whether it’s offering beauty hacks or advice for hopping on celibacy 2.0, that app-users would be looking to tackle stress. And lo

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