Healthy Support

When Others Sabotage Our Intentions for Healthy Eating and Exercise

mohd izzuan | iStock

mohd izzuan | iStock

The research is clear. When someone is trying to make some healthy changes to manage their weight, the role of social support for the effort is critical. Changing habits and behaviors around food consumption and exercise to make long-term health gains is not easy. Many begin the process with trepidation, often wondering if they can really pull it off.

Having a social network that offers caring, reinforcement of self-esteem, and a buffer to potential surrounding stressors or negativity is so important. When possible, so is material support, such as helping with shopping, cooking, or even child care (so the person can find time to exercise and do food planning).

Ways that support can fail

But such is very often not the case. Even if some of our friends or family are on our side, chances are very high that many of the people around us will

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