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Suntory Beverage & Food’s APAC health supplement business shrinks amid inflation woes

The Japanese brewery giant, which also runs a beverage and health supplement business, said that revenue from APAC was up 1.7 per cent on a currency neutral basis to JPY$89.9bn (US$659m).

APAC ranks second in terms of revenue contribution to the firm, while the domestic market took the top spot with a revenue of JPY$145.8bn (US$1.07bn), which was an increase of 8.8 per cent as compared to last year.

However, segment profit in APAC was down 6.8 per cent on a currency neutral basis to JPY$11.8bn (US$86.5m), “due to the significant impact of negative revenue growth in the health supplement business,”​ said Noriaki Otsuka, managing executive officer, division COO during the financial results presentation.

Its health supplement business reported a 17.7 per cent decline on a currency neutral basis to JPY$8bn (US$58.6m).

One of the reasons behind the decline in APAC’s health supplement business, was the impact

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