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NH teen pushes to add eating disorder hotline to student IDs

Two months into his summer break last year, Matthew Brown began to worry he had an eating disorder. Brown, who was then about to enter Merrimack High School as a freshman, did not want to talk to his parents about it. But he did want answers.

After a Google search, Brown found the National Eating Disorders Association hotline. The service offered a calling and a texting option; Brown chose texting. Quickly, he was put in touch with a trained volunteer, who helped him better understand his concerns.

“I think just getting it off my chest was helpful,” he said. “To have somebody just to talk to.”

Within a day, Brown had found the support he needed. The next day, he called up a local lawmaker, Rep. Rosemarie Rung, with an idea: to sponsor legislation to spread the word to other students.

House Bill 35 would require that all student

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