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Curd Rice, Oats And Other Healthy Foods To Include In Your Diet For Better Digestion

THE MOST significant information in this essay is about the need for a well-nourished digestive system throughout the summer months. This involves swapping out artificial food additives and grains for summer-friendly foods like probiotics, buttermilk, and sattu.

Probiotics, buttermilk, and sattu can also assist with bloating and constipation during the heat. Furthermore, staying hydrated is critical during the summer season, as humidity, sweat, and heat can all lead to dehydration. So we’ve compiled a list of foods that can help boost your gut health, especially during the summer.


Buttermilk is one of the greatest, easiest-to-make, and most efficient summer drinks. Buttermilk also helps keep your intestines healthy and cool. Buttermilk, interestingly, is made by diluting curd with water. This probiotic-enriched beverage aids digestion, bloating, and constipation. Not only that, but buttermilk is a low-calorie drink that is high in minerals and vitamins.

Whole Grains

Whole grains can provide

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