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Healthy Eating Made Easier: Supplement Assists That Work!

As we turn the page on a new year, many of us look to reset unhealthy eating patterns or counteract a season of holiday indulgences with a fresh diet. That might mean taking on keto to shed stubborn pounds, adopting a FODMAP protocol to finally solve lingering digestive health issues, or cutting out animal products to improve heart health or address climate change concerns. Whatever the reasons we may have for adopting a new eating plan, getting started can be challenging, but natural products retailers are in an ideal position to set their customers up for success as they start their diet journey. 

One way to help them get a healthy jumpstart: When customers are in your stores stocking up on produce, protein bars, and other diet staples, it’s worth encouraging them to take a trip down the supplement aisle, too. “I’m a huge believer in intelligently targeted supplementation,” says 

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