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Doha Film And Ministry Of Public Health Collaborate To Host A Workshop For Young Filmmakers

(MENAFN- Asdaf News)
To provide a youth filmmaking course with health-related topics, the Doha Film Institute (DFI) and the Ministry of Public Health have teamed together. Ten participants, ranging in age from 18 to 25, will take part in the programme and go through practical exercises to create two documentaries and two short fiction films.

The programme will provide participants the chance to work independently on their projects and film in various Doha places. Additionally, completed films will get the opportunity to premiere at DFI’s yearly Ajyal Film Festival.

Participants will acquire the core skills necessary to build and make a short film, from basic narrative creation to visual storytelling, via engaging and practical exercises. During the programme, which provides a thorough introduction to the key elements of filmmaking, Lebanese director Corine Shawi will give hands-on mentoring.

The Doha cinema Institute seeks to collaborate with national organisations

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Six women reversed their aging by 4 years through healthy diet – study

It isn’t exactly new information that your nutrition can impact your rate of aging to some extent.

For years, we have repeatedly been shown studies that indicate a healthy lifestyle, with a rich diet, moderate exercise, reduced stress and improved quality of life, can result in improved physical and mental health.

However, the research you’ll see this time will surprise you, because not only does it say your nutrition can slow down aging, but can actually turn the clock back and reverse aging.

It is important to explain in advance though that this was a small study, featuring just six women as participants. Therefore, researchers suggest taking these findings with a grain of salt, but it is still worth learning about them.

Healthy eating, sleeping, more physical activity and less stress

The study in question was published in the journal Aging and featured an experiment conducted on six women. This

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