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Wellthy launches teen helpline to help parents address mental health needs

Working parents face challenges at every stage of raising children, but helping teenagers become happy, confident adults amidst today’s social, political and media influences can feel especially overwhelming.

The health of teens is top of mind, as recent reports show that levels of depression, anxiety,  ADHD and eating disorders are on the rise. Over one-third of high school students have suffered from poor mental health in the last few years, and half said they feel sad and hopeless on a regular basis, according to the CDC. For working parents and caretakers, investing the time to understand and help manage these issues is important, but difficult as they juggle busy work schedules, lack of access to care, and suffer from exhaustion themselves. A study by The Ohio State University found that 66% of working parents met the criteria for burnout, with those who had children under 18 with a mental

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Healthy Support

Dear Abby: How can I help? My 5-year-old niece already is overeating and her parents are overweight

Dear Abby: My niece, who just turned 5, is twice the size of a normal child her age. Her parents are also overweight. They let her eat what she wants, and the amount of food is what an adult would eat. I am so worried, both from a health perspective as well as about social acceptance by her peers. Must I shut my mouth? How can I address this without alienating them, as I cherish our relationship?

— Worried in the Midwest


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Dear Worried: To discuss this with the overweight parents would be like tap dancing in a minefield. It could be interpreted as judgmental and make them defensive. However, when

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