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‘Starfield’ Announces Nvidia DLSS Support, Food-Eating Button, Future City Maps

Bethesda has just published a new blog post detailing updates coming to Starfield in support-september-13-2023″ class=”color-link” title=”″ data-ga-track=”ExternalLink:″ aria-label=”the short and long term”the short and long term, including a ton of popular requests, most of them on the technical side, initially.

The first Starfield update for the game will be a small hotfix about a few “top issues” but after that there will be more consistent updates that will include:

  • Brightness and Contrast controls
  • HDR Calibration Menu
  • FOV Slider
  • Nvidia DLSS Support (PC)
  • 32:9 Ultrawide Monitor Support (PC)
  • An eat button for food

Those first four have come up time and time again as seeming industry standards that Starfield has lacked at launch for whatever reason. And Starfield’s AMD partnership has been blamed for the game not launching with Nvidia DLSS support, where the game just does not run as well

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