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Nutrition And Lifestyle Hacks To Help You Feel Calmer In The New Year

For 2024, according to the Forbes Health/OnePoll survey of 1000 Americans polled about their attitudes towards new year’s resolutions, mental health was a bigger focus than in years past. The most popular goals for 2024 were found to be:

  • Improved fitness (48%)
  • Improved finances (38%)
  • Improved mental health (36%)
  • Lose weight (34%)
  • Improved diet (32%)

Less popular but still noteworthy were traveling more (6%), meditating regularly (5%), drinking less alcohol (3%) and performing better at work (3%).

There is a lot of common ground between these goals, and what can help support one goal can benefit others as well. For example, if you want to feel calmer and less anxious in the new year, making specific changes to your diet and exercise routine and using the right tools to track your progress and stay on top of screenings can improve your mental wellbeing. Here’s what health experts want you to

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