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Health experts advocate insurance coverage for IVF treatment | The Guardian Nigeria News

Health experts have called on the government to support Nigerians with fertility challenge by providing insurance coverage to access In-Vitro Fertilization treatment (IVF).

They lamented that government has not taken fertility treatment seriously as many insurance companies in health sector belittle or overlook fertility aspect and do not want to get involved in IVF treatment.

The Chief Medical Director of Deda hospital, Dr. Sunday Onuh, who stated this during the launch of the Radiography Unit of the hospital, disclosed that in January, the Medical Unit of the Central Bank of Nigeria took the step by signing into law, to sponsor their staff with challenge in child birth, particularly those who have primary infertility.

He said: “Insurance generally, either National Health Insurance Scheme or private health insurance none have delve into and that is an area government can come in and help the masses.”

Dr. Onuh also lamented the high

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