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New mental health facility in Charlotte to help local youth

CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Charlotte leaders are welcoming a new mental health treatment facility in the area.

Local officials marked the occasion with a tour of the state-of-the-art facility on Wednesday morning at the location on Monroe Road.” data-ylk=”slk:Hopeway’s;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas” class=”link “Hopeway’s new treatment center will consist of mental health and eating disorder treatment programs for teens and young adults. Experts say the program will feature physical-led psychotherapy, integrative therapies and on-site educational support.

“The need is now. Our kids are struggling. Our children have never been so, struggling,” Alyson R. Kuroski-Mazzei, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Hopeway, said. “Between levels of anxiety, depression, cannabis use, alcohol use, it’s overwhelming. These programs are going to be lifesaving and it is so needed, and it is needed now. We are grateful for the support of our donors and our community to make this dream a

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I felt ashamed that I had an eating disorder aged 49 when perimenopause started – I’m now happy & healthy thanks to HRT

DELICATELY sipping a glass of vegetable juice, Tina McGuff vowed nothing else would pass her lips that day, then she laced up her trainers before starting a vigorous online workout.

In the grips of perimenopause, suffering from insomnia, hot flushes, anxiety, bleeding and major mood swings, Tina had found herself slipping back into her historic eating disorder.

Tina McGuff first developed anorexia aged 15


Tina McGuff first developed anorexia aged 15Credit: Supplied
Tina's eating disorder resurfaced aged 49 when her perimenopause started, above aged 17


Tina’s eating disorder resurfaced aged 49 when her perimenopause started, above aged 17Credit: Supplied
Today she says: 'I felt so ashamed that I had an eating disorder at my age', Tina above aged 11


Today she says: ‘I felt so ashamed that I had an eating disorder at my age’, Tina above aged 11Credit: Supplied

“I felt powerless in the face of the havoc my hormones were wreaking, but I knew my eating disorder – which I had believed was firmly in my past – would give me some feeling of control back,” says Tina, now 54, from Dundee. 

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Why eating with friends and family is good for your mental health

If your mental health has taken a hit recently you’re certainly not alone. Figures from Mind reveal approximately one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.

While treatments can vary from medication to talking therapies, experts increasingly believe lifestyle changes could help improve our wellbeing and also aid in tackling mental health issues, including spending more time cooking and eating with our friends and family.

A recent poll from HelloFresh has revealed 85% of families are looking to dine together more often this year with a whopping (97%) of Brits claiming that sharing that food is the top source of happiness in their lives.

Further research from the University of Oxford found that the more often people eat with others, the more likely they are to feel happy and satisfied with their lives.

Using data from a national survey by The Big Lunch,

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Nutrition And Lifestyle Hacks To Help You Feel Calmer In The New Year

For 2024, according to the Forbes Health/OnePoll survey of 1000 Americans polled about their attitudes towards new year’s resolutions, mental health was a bigger focus than in years past. The most popular goals for 2024 were found to be:

  • Improved fitness (48%)
  • Improved finances (38%)
  • Improved mental health (36%)
  • Lose weight (34%)
  • Improved diet (32%)

Less popular but still noteworthy were traveling more (6%), meditating regularly (5%), drinking less alcohol (3%) and performing better at work (3%).

There is a lot of common ground between these goals, and what can help support one goal can benefit others as well. For example, if you want to feel calmer and less anxious in the new year, making specific changes to your diet and exercise routine and using the right tools to track your progress and stay on top of screenings can improve your mental wellbeing. Here’s what health experts want you to

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How Bacteria in Yogurt May Help Reduce Your Risk of Depression

A woman eating a bowl of yogurt.Share on Pinterest
New research suggests that a bacteria found in fermented foods and yogurt may help your body better manage stress and reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. Fly View Productions/Getty Images
  • A new study in mice has found that the bacterium Lactobacillus helps the body manage stress, potentially preventing the onset of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.
  • The results could pave the way for new therapies to treat anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions.
  • Experts say these findings support a growing body of evidence on the relationship between the gut and brain, and the impact diet has on our mental health.
  • However Lactobacillus should not be considered a substitute for mental health treatment.

Mental health is complex, but new research suggests that a bacteria found in fermented foods and yogurt may help prevent depression and anxiety.

Researchers at the University of Virginia School of

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App and Peer Group Built to Support Police Officer Health

Police officers and police department staff have long suffered emotionally from the horrors of the job and traditionally have kept to themselves, compounding the issue. So police departments are addressing the emotional trauma officers face to try to foster emotional health.

The Frederick, Md., Police Department is taking a more holistic approach to health with the underlying belief that resiliency is a cultural issue for everyone within the department — sworn and not sworn — and that resiliency not only means emotional health, but physical health as well.

That’s the ambition of the Resiliency and Wellness Group (RWG), a group of seven Frederick Police Department employees — half sworn, half professional staff — that works with a professional leadership coach to develop resiliency within the department.

The RGW has implemented a Peer Ambassador Program and is developing a corresponding app for all police personnel to use anonymously for resources

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Healthy Eating During The Holidays Improves Wellness And Productivity And Lengthens Life

During the holiday season, we are presented with a myriad of tempting foods, much of which is unhealthy and can deplete us of energy. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that good nutrition, along with ample sleep and good exercise, provide fuel that promotes your health, mood and mindful productivity at work. We have known for years that there is a direct link between diet and our physical health. Scientists, for example, have discovered that the Mediterranean diet reduces risks of cardiovascular disease. Research also shows that there is a direct relationship between our dietary patterns and mental health. The study’s authors state, “The results of this trial suggest that improving one’s diet according

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Eating Disorder Support Groups & Treatment Options

A 2020 report from Harvard STRIPED, the Academy for Eating Disorders, and Deloitte found that 9 percent of the U.S. population—28.8 million Americans—will have an eating disorder in their lifetime. Yet data shows that only 23 percent of people diagnosed with an eating disorder will ever get treatment for it. This is particularly concerning, considering that eating disorders are the second deadliest mental health condition in the U.S.

One of the biggest hurdles people face: stigma. Many people seeking treatment report being perceived as “responsible” for their eating disorder, and that others reacted negatively or distanced themselves after learning about the person’s eating disorder.

Eating disorder treatment has too many barriers to entry

Weight bias—the negative attitudes our society has towards fat people—also makes it harder for people who have an eating disorder to get diagnosed and treated, says Christine Byrne, RD, MPH, an anti-diet dietitian based

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How food affects mood: Eating healthy reduces the risk of depression, anxiety

It’s no secret that the foods people consume have major impacts on their physical health. But they also influence well-being. That’s why ordering a pizza after a stressful day may not be the best option, even if it is the most appealing. 

An emerging field of science known as nutritional psychiatry is based on research linking food to mental health. It’s centered on the gut microbiome, a community of bacteria — both good and bad — that supports digestion and the health of the immune system, among other roles. 

Positive changes to the gut microbiome have been shown to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system and improve mood. Disturbances can contribute to physical health issues like obesity, inflammatory bowel disease and psoriatic arthritis. And they also can impact a person’s mood.

That’s because the production of serotonin, which helps regulate sleep, appetite and mood, is highly influenced by the gut’s

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