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Exercise, eat well, avoid excess: how healthy habits in your 30s help in later life | Making health click into place

For anyone who has recently blown out the 3-0 candles on a birthday cake, it can feel as if your whole life is still ahead of you. An exciting whirlwind of weddings, travel, job promotions and new house keys awaits. So, the last thing you are likely to be thinking about in terms of health – beyond finding the energy to fulfil a packed diary – is your long-term physical wellbeing.

Yet, there’s plenty of scientific health” data-link-name=”in body link”research to show that developing healthy habits during your 30s, rather than waiting for your body to stop functioning as it should, will not only leave you feeling better right now but also set you up well for the future. “Our lifestyle habits impact on our risks of various diseases – the longer we smoke, for example, the greater our risk of suffering from heart disease and multiple cancers,”

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Megan Fox revealed her struggles with body dysmorphic disorder. Here’s what to know about the mental health condition

Body dysmorphic disorder, or BDD, ails millions of Americans each year, including several outspoken celebrities — but many people don’t exactly know what it entails.

BDD is a mental health condition in which a person becomes obsessed with one or more perceived personal physical flaws, which usually appear minor or go undetected to others. The disorder can cause people to avoid social situations and even impact one’s ability to function in daily life, according to Mayo Clinic.

Experts estimate that between 1.7% to 2.9% of the general population have BDD, which means more than 5 million people in the U.S. suffer from the condition. BDD is about as common as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and is more common than disorders like anorexia and schizophrenia. BDD may be even more commonplace than reported, because people with the condition may be reluctant to disclose their symptoms out of feelings of embarrassment or

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Spring health detox: Our bodies need spring cleaning, too

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Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of work, worrying about family, or the fear of going to the doctor – there are many excuses for neglecting prevention. Experts warn that poor prevention risks serious health complications.

A few simple steps are all it takes to stay on track. Take advantage of the spring reboot and make sure your body is functioning properly.

We don’t usually take the health of our family and loved ones lightly. We make sure that they are properly prevented, and we send them to the doctor at the slightest problem. However, we often forget or delay regular check-ups that we should have ourselves. In short, we have a tendency to neglect our health. Spring is the ideal time to check your body, so we should not put off going

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