Healthy Plan

How Can the Healthcare Industry Make It Easier for Patients To Make Healthier Food Choices?

Most Americans don’t eat a healthy diet and take in too much sodium, saturated fat and sugar. But it shouldn’t be this way, said one industry expert.

“This shouldn’t be so hard,” said Dr. Elizabeth Klodas, founder of healthy food company Step One Foods, during a Tuesday panel at the MedCity INVEST conference in Chicago. “We should be able to walk into any grocery store for anything from any shelf and put [food] into our carts and feel good about it and know that it’s helping our health. We live in a food environment that is completely dysfunctional, that makes hyper-palatable, calorie-dense, nutrient-poor foods that are addictive, cheap and advertise non-stop.”

The change has to come from the food and health industry itself, and there should be incentives in place for food companies, she added.

“We have to start reimbursing or supplementing or paying for foods that can be

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