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“You Are Drinking From a Bottle”

Health insurance providers, it seems, are as cruel as ever, as evidenced by a letter sent to a newborn’s family denying the infant coverage for neonatal care in an intensive care unit (ICU).

In an editorial for the Washington Post, Kaiser Family Foundation senior contributing editor Elizabeth Rosenthal described the problem of insurance claim denials in the starkest terms: by providing examples of real letters people had gotten denying them and their loved ones coverage.

One such letter, sent directly to a newborn baby, was so absurd that — if it weren’t real and published in WaPo — we would think it was satire.

“You are drinking from a bottle,” read the denial for the infant’s fourth day in the neonatal ICU ward. “You are breathing on your own.”

“If only the baby could read,” Rosenthal quipped, to devastating effect.

This issue, the KFF editor noted, goes all the

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Spring health detox: Our bodies need spring cleaning, too

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Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of work, worrying about family, or the fear of going to the doctor – there are many excuses for neglecting prevention. Experts warn that poor prevention risks serious health complications.

A few simple steps are all it takes to stay on track. Take advantage of the spring reboot and make sure your body is functioning properly.

We don’t usually take the health of our family and loved ones lightly. We make sure that they are properly prevented, and we send them to the doctor at the slightest problem. However, we often forget or delay regular check-ups that we should have ourselves. In short, we have a tendency to neglect our health. Spring is the ideal time to check your body, so we should not put off going

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InLife supports new Insurance Commissioner’s digitalization, increased insurance, health coverage plans for Filipinos

Insular Life (InLife) expressed its support for the general directions and plans of new Insurance Commissioner Atty. Reynaldo Regalado (center), which include digitalization and plans to increase insurance penetration and health insurance coverage especially among OFWs.

Commissioner Regalado also expressed his wish to make insurance more inclusive for the benefit of more Filipinos.

These were among the key items discussed during the InLife delegation’s courtesy call to the commissioner. Executive Chairperson Nina D. Aguas (2nd from left) led the InLife delegation which included (from left) Trustee Luis Y. Benitez, Trustee and Insular Health Care President and CEO Maria Noemi G. Azura, and Corporate Secretary and Chief Legal and Governance Officer Atty. Renato S. De Jesus.

During the meeting, they also talked about InLife and Insular Health Care’s special projects and agreed to collaborate for gender and development through the InLife Sheroes Advocacy and Movement. InLife Sheroes, through its

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Health experts advocate insurance coverage for IVF treatment | The Guardian Nigeria News

Health experts have called on the government to support Nigerians with fertility challenge by providing insurance coverage to access In-Vitro Fertilization treatment (IVF).

They lamented that government has not taken fertility treatment seriously as many insurance companies in health sector belittle or overlook fertility aspect and do not want to get involved in IVF treatment.

The Chief Medical Director of Deda hospital, Dr. Sunday Onuh, who stated this during the launch of the Radiography Unit of the hospital, disclosed that in January, the Medical Unit of the Central Bank of Nigeria took the step by signing into law, to sponsor their staff with challenge in child birth, particularly those who have primary infertility.

He said: “Insurance generally, either National Health Insurance Scheme or private health insurance none have delve into and that is an area government can come in and help the masses.”

Dr. Onuh also lamented the high

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Why you should buy a personalised health insurance plan

Personalised health insurance plans: Covid- 19 had given a big push to the health insurance industry. Today, more people are getting aware of the benefits of safeguarding their health against unforeseen medical emergencies in the future, and there is gaining popularity in the industry of the varied needs of consumers.

Ajay Shah, Head – Distribution, Care Health Insurance said that people with pre-existing ailments, certain genetic attributes, or unique needs & lifestyles can have a health insurance policy underwritten basis their specific requirements. With the advent of wearable devices, health-tracking apps, and other cutting-edge technologies backed by AI, people have access to a wealth of information about their health. By leveraging this data, they can make well-informed decisions about choosing the right coverage that caters to their individual needs.

New-age health insurance products

Unlike traditional insurance plans, which often imposed a one-size-fits-all approach, new age Health Insurance

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