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Boost healthy eating habits with homemade Lunchables

DETROIT – Everyone knows them, kids everywhere love them. Lunchables have been on store shelves and in school lunches everywhere since 1985. But a study from Consumer Reports has many parents concerned after elevated levels of sodium and lead were found in select Lunchables from different brands. Because of this, many families are trying to figure out healthier alternatives to the convenient grab-and-go kits, keeping the same appeal to kids that Lunchables offers, while also allowing busier families that same convenience the pre-made snacks offer.

To help with this, Local 4′s Rhonda Walker met with Henry Ford Dietitian and Michigan Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 2024 Dietitian of the Year, Ashlee Carnahan, to explore what should and shouldn’t be in these homemade lunch kits.

“Everything’s OK in moderation, but this has no real nutrient benefit at all,” Carnahan explained, addressing the Lunchables found on store shelves, “There’s no fiber, there’s

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How Eating Salmon Can Help With Hair Loss, According to Dietitians

woman with healthy, natural and ginger hair with relax curly, auburn or red beauty hairstyle back view shampoo salon hair care or redhead girl playing with clean red hair isolated on grey background

What to Eat for Healthy HairDelmaine Donson – Getty Images

Whether you keep your hair in a cute pixie cut, long, flowing locks or natural curls or coils, you likely want it to stay as lush and healthy as possible. Now, your hair growth and thickness are not entirely in your control — stress, genetics, environmental factors and more. But one thing you can take control of is how you nourish your strands, by choosing foods filled with the vitamins and minerals that are the building blocks of healthy hair (you may also want to visit a dermatologist to see if there are any medical issues, and discuss the best products to use or avoid with your hairstylist). Keep in mind that fluctuating hormones due to pregnancy or menopause can also change the texture of your hair, and how much you lose in the shower every morning.


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Try These 23 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

For anyone trying to lose weight, snacking can feel like a guilty pleasure. But it doesn’t have to be. Eating periodic, healthy snacks can be good for you.

“Including snacks in a healthy diet can offer several advantages,” Christina Barth, assistant teaching professor and registered dietician nutritionist (RDN) at Arizona State University, told Newsweek. “They have the potential to boost nutrient intake, maintain consistent energy levels, aid in post-exercise recovery and provide a variety of healthy choices.”

Newsweek asked Barth and other nutrition experts about their favorite snacks for weight loss. Here are their picks:

1. Apple Slices With Peanut Butter

Apples are a great source of fiber and Vitamin C. Combined with peanut butter, which has healthy fats and protein, this snack gives you immediate energy and plenty of healthy nutrients to keep going throughout your day.

To make this snack, just slice an apple and

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14 Healthy Eating Tips To Help Your Teenager Thrive

Build Strong Bones 

“Both calcium and vitamin D are crucial for strong, healthy bones. Inadequate calcium intake can lead to weakened bones, setting the stage for future issues like osteoporosis. Both boys and girls need sufficient calcium, but girls should be cautious due to their higher risk. Vitamin D also builds strong bones, although teens may struggle to get enough sunlight or eat the right foods, putting them at risk of a deficiency. Dairy – milk and cheese – is the best source of calcium, but kidney beans, chickpeas, tahini, kale and cavolo nero are also good sources. If your child doesn’t drink dairy, make sure their alternative milk is fortified with calcium. Most are, and many contain added vitamin D and B12 too.”

Don’t Skip Breakfast 

“In the teenage years, consuming breakfast is very important, so skipping it or any other occasional fasting is a bad idea.

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What Are Healthy Fats? 8 High-Fat Foods for Your Diet

d3sign / Getty Images

d3sign / Getty Images

Medically reviewed by Suzanne Fisher, MS, RD, LDN

The type and amount of dietary fat you consume matters when it comes to your overall health. Healthy, high-fat foods, such as those with unsaturated fats, are important in a balanced diet.

Fat is an essential part of human diets, providing the body with energy, supporting cell function, helping to absorb some nutrients, and creating hormones. Fats also help keep your body warm and protect your organs.

This article discusses what healthy fats are, the top healthy fat foods to include in your diet, and unhealthy fats to avoid.

d3sign / Getty Images

d3sign / Getty Images

What Are Healthy Fats?

Unsaturated fats are generally referred to as the “good” or “healthy” fats. These types of fats are mainly found in plant foods, such as avocados, nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils. When consumed as oils, they are liquid at room temperature. Unsaturated

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Does your diet have enough healthy fat? Here’s how to make sure

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Fat and food: When we hear those words together, we typically think bad things.

However, Sentara Healthcare Registered Dietitian Ashley Moody says eating fat can be good for us.

“When we think about good fats, we often think about monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids,” said Ashley. “All you need to know is that these are fatty acids. When we ingest them, when we eat them, they’re so essential! We need them, that’s why they’re called ‘essential fatty acids.'”

To show our options and see how easy it is to add healthy fats into our routine, Ashley and I worked on making a good, fat-friendly salad. We started off with some spinach and included the basics: carrots, broccoli and tomatoes.

Then, we added the good fat ingredients. Ashley gave me kudos for selecting unsalted almonds.

“You’ve made the healthiest choice,” she said.

Ashley said

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