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I’m a GP – here’s when your excess body fat is REALLY dangerous and 2 ways to eliminate it

WHEN it comes to our health, excess fat rarely has a positive impact.

But while all unwanted body fat has a bad reputation, there is one place on the body that is particularly dangerous for us to store those extra pounds.

Visceral fat can lead to all sorts of health complications


Visceral fat can lead to all sorts of health complicationsCredit: Getty

Excess belly fat, also known as visceral fat or the “spare tyre”, is what doctors refer to as “deadly weight”, and it gets this dark nickname for a very good reason – belly fat can seriously impact your life expectancy.

In a major study from the Journal of the American Heart Association, UK residents aged 40 to 69 were assessed and researchers found that women who carried more weight around their middles had a 10-20 per cent greater risk of heart attack than those who carried the same amount of extra weight over all.

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experts explain the link between your brain and your gut

Is there a link between mental health and gut health? Healthista spoke to The Gut Experts – Professor Barbara Ryan and Elaine McGowan RD. They reveal how managing your mental health can transform your gut health

Your brain is connected to every part of your body, so what is so special about the connection between your gut and your brain?

Well, it turns out that your gut enjoys a particularly intimate relationship with your brain, compared to the other important organs in your body, so much so, that the gut has been called your ‘second brain’ or the little brain.

While your brain contains about 100 billion neurones (nerve cells), your gut contains about 500 million neurones, which is impressive, given that your heart has only 40,000 neurones and your kidneys have about 1 million each.

an information superhighway that transfers information between the gut and the brain


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How To Manage PCOD – Dietitian Shared Full-Day Meal Plan For PCOD Diet

In recent years, the prevalence of Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) has surged, affecting countless women across the globe. PCOD is a hormonal disorder that not only disrupts the menstrual cycle but also induces other health problems like weight gain, facial hair, insulin resistance and fertility issues. Many factors can lead to PCOD, including poor lifestyle, genetic disposition, stress and environmental effects. This is a metabolic condition and can be controlled through a good diet. A nutritionist shared some meal ideas for a day of an ideal PCOD diet, and it can be very helpful to plan yours.  

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Can PCOD Be Cured By Diet? 

We can’t say that a healthy diet can cure PCOD but it can positively manage the symptoms and curb other health problems associated with it. Along with a good exercise routine, a good diet may reverse the

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