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10 Important Foods That Support Hair Growth, Strength, and Health

You won’t grow Rapunzel locks overnight, but eating a nutrient-rich diet is a key habit for healthy hair.

Who doesn’t want strong, healthy, vibrant hair? But luscious, thriving locks can be more difficult for some people to achieve based on a variety of factors including age, genetics, and certain medical conditions. There is certainly a plethora of topical hair products and supplements available to encourage hair growth, or to reduce hair loss or thinning, but many work with only varying success (or are straight-up untrustworthy).

But the more holistic solution is to adopt some healthy lifestyle habits that help hair grow strong and healthy—including eating foods rich in key, hair-loving nutrients.

While we can’t control many of the elements at play when it comes to our hair growth, we can control which foods we order, snack on, and cook with. By making intentional nutritional choices, we can promote healthier hair,

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Say Goodbye To Hair Fall: Harness The Benefits Of Cinnamon For Healthy Hair

Are you suffering from excessive hair fall? Are those tangled hair strands on the comb giving you nightmares? If yes, then it’s time to buckle up and pay attention to your hair health. We understand the sight of dull and rough hair may trigger a frantic search for home remedies, with people resorting to expensive hair oils and shampoos. But what we often fail to realise is that our diet has a crucial role to play. It is rightly said, we are what we eat and there are a variety of food ingredients to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth as well. The best part is, you do not need to go miles to get hold of those foods; instead, scan through your kitchen pantry and pick a jar of cinnamon. You heard us.

Why Cinnamon Is Considered A Healthy Spice?

Cinnamon, also called dalchini in Hindi, has

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