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Eating Most of Your Meals Before 1pm Lowers Blood Sugar

  • Prediabetes affects millions of adults in the US.
  • A new study indicated that early time-restricted fasting may help reduce blood sugar fluctuations in those with prediabetes and obesity.
  • The findings potentially indicate a future treatment option for those with prediabetes.
  • More research on the impacts of fasting on blood sugar and prediabetes is required.

Researchers say they may have a way to help people with prediabetes avoid slipping into a case of full diabetes.

In the US, 96 million adults — equivalent to over one-third of the population — have prediabetes.

Prediabetes is when an individual has higher than normal blood sugar levels. However, they’re not high enough to be diagnosed as full or “overt” diabetes.

Various approaches can help reduce blood sugar and potentially prevent an individual from developing overt diabetes. These include maintaining a moderate weight and engaging in regular exercise.

New research from NYU Langone Health

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