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This Health Marker Will Reveal How Old Your Body Actually Is

Age is a one-way street, but only if you think in terms of years. Organisms have another underlying age that still baffles researchers. If you’ve ever met an octogenarian who was in much better shape than you, or a twenty-something whom you could’ve sworn was at least 40, you’ve seen how age in years is just a number.

Scientists use the term biological age to describe how well our bodies, and our cells, are performing. Most often, the lower our biological age is, the healthier we are. And, unlike chronological age, which we can’t change, there are many things we can do on a daily basis that can lower our biological age.

Jesse Poganik, a research fellow in medicine at Harvard University, tells Inverse what we can do to keep our biological age as low as possible. “We hypothesize that biological age is actually much more dynamic than chronological

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