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Eat Healthy for Life With This 30-Minute Mediterranean Meal Plan

good housekeeping 28day mediterranean diet

Eat Healthy for Life With Our 30-Minute Meal PlanGood Housekeeping

Want to boost your health and celebrate eating good food? You’ve come to the right place.

Good Housekeeping‘s ultimate meal plan will help you fight inflammation, lower the risk of heart disease, ward off type 2 diabetes, improve brain function and so much more! If you join our one-of-a-kind membership program GH+, you’ll get exclusive access to fast and simple recipes (that make cooking a breeze), a 7-day meal plan and $5 off our new book, Quick and Easy 28-Day Mediterranean Diet.

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Created by our food and nutrition experts, this follow-up to our best-selling book, 28-Day Mediterranean Diet, is an all-in-one guide packed with 75 incredible meals that burst with flavor and vibrancy — but also make

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How To Manage PCOD – Dietitian Shared Full-Day Meal Plan For PCOD Diet

In recent years, the prevalence of Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) has surged, affecting countless women across the globe. PCOD is a hormonal disorder that not only disrupts the menstrual cycle but also induces other health problems like weight gain, facial hair, insulin resistance and fertility issues. Many factors can lead to PCOD, including poor lifestyle, genetic disposition, stress and environmental effects. This is a metabolic condition and can be controlled through a good diet. A nutritionist shared some meal ideas for a day of an ideal PCOD diet, and it can be very helpful to plan yours.  

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Can PCOD Be Cured By Diet? 

We can’t say that a healthy diet can cure PCOD but it can positively manage the symptoms and curb other health problems associated with it. Along with a good exercise routine, a good diet may reverse the

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