Healthy Plan

“You Are Drinking From a Bottle”

Health insurance providers, it seems, are as cruel as ever, as evidenced by a letter sent to a newborn’s family denying the infant coverage for neonatal care in an intensive care unit (ICU).

In an editorial for the Washington Post, Kaiser Family Foundation senior contributing editor Elizabeth Rosenthal described the problem of insurance claim denials in the starkest terms: by providing examples of real letters people had gotten denying them and their loved ones coverage.

One such letter, sent directly to a newborn baby, was so absurd that — if it weren’t real and published in WaPo — we would think it was satire.

“You are drinking from a bottle,” read the denial for the infant’s fourth day in the neonatal ICU ward. “You are breathing on your own.”

“If only the baby could read,” Rosenthal quipped, to devastating effect.

This issue, the KFF editor noted, goes all the

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