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How indoor environment impacts the microbiota balance

The human gut harbors millions of microbes, primarily bacteria, which have positive and adverse health effects. A recent Environmental Research journal paper evaluated how indoor microbiomes and metabolites affect the human gut microbiota.

Study: Impact of environmental characteristics on childrenStudy: Impact of environmental characteristics on children’s gut microbiota – A pilot study in assessing the role of indoor microbiome and metabolites. Image Credit: CI Photos / Shutterstock


Gut bacterial dysbiosis has been associated with the incidence of many diseases, such as colorectal cancer, inflammatory skin diseases, and chronic kidney disease. Several indexes, such as the Shannon index, Simpson index, Gut Microbiome Health Index (GMHI), and Faith’s PD, have been developed to examine gut health by measuring microbial diversity and abundance.

Several studies have indicated that the surrounding environment and an individual’s lifestyle significantly influence gut microbiota. Interestingly, it has been noted that children exposed to pets have an altered abundance of gut microbiota taxa,

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