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Healthy Eating On A Budget: Tips For Eating Well In College –

eat well in college Throughout college, we shift our focus between a variety of things; our grades, different organizations, networking, and more. However, we’re rarely (if ever) told to focus on our diet. I know it may seem hard to eat well in college now that food is getting so expensive, but it’s not impossible

Luckily, I have three tips to help you maintain a great diet despite being on a college budget

Eating In The Calorie Deficit

The calorie deficit is where a person consumes fewer calories than they burn through daily activities. It’s not food focus, but calorie focus. 

When a person has a calorie deficit, their body begins to burn the stored fat for energy. It is a wonderful way to count your calories. 

Calories that we gain from food are the main source of eating excessively. You can use apps that are made to track your daily calories/workout plans or

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