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Taco Bell ‘front runner’ in healthy fast-food restaurants, here’s how

If you have a craving for Mexican fare, Taco Bell may be a better bet for your health and waistline than you think — as long as you know how to navigate the fast food chain’s menu.

“Taco Bell has become a front-runner in healthy fast-food restaurants,” Jen Hernandez, a Kentucky-based registered dietitian nutritionist, who is the founder and CEO of Plant-Powered Kidneys Inc., told Fox News Digital.

“They focus on including more fresh plants, plant proteins and low-sodium options,” she said. “In many ways, they help consumers eat healthier without even realizing it.”

That said, not everything on the menu is exactly a dietitian’s dream. 

For Ella Davar (, a longevity dietitian and gut health nutritionist based in Miami and New York City, Taco Bell is not a top pick for healthy eating, although “it does not mean that we can not find healthy options there,” she said.


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