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I’m a GP – here’s when your excess body fat is REALLY dangerous and 2 ways to eliminate it

WHEN it comes to our health, excess fat rarely has a positive impact.

But while all unwanted body fat has a bad reputation, there is one place on the body that is particularly dangerous for us to store those extra pounds.

Visceral fat can lead to all sorts of health complications


Visceral fat can lead to all sorts of health complicationsCredit: Getty

Excess belly fat, also known as visceral fat or the “spare tyre”, is what doctors refer to as “deadly weight”, and it gets this dark nickname for a very good reason – belly fat can seriously impact your life expectancy.

In a major study from the Journal of the American Heart Association, UK residents aged 40 to 69 were assessed and researchers found that women who carried more weight around their middles had a 10-20 per cent greater risk of heart attack than those who carried the same amount of extra weight over all.

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