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Physical activities like a daily, 20-minute walk may help reduce disparities in heart health

Statement Highlights:

  • Addressing low levels of physical activity among people in some targeted groups has the potential to improve equity in cardiovascular health.

  • Physical activity levels are lower among some population groups known to have higher cardiovascular disease risk, including adults who are older, female, Black, have depression, have disabilities, have lower socioeconomic status or live in rural areas.

  • It’s important to improve resources and opportunities to decrease barriers to physical activity. Physical activity initiatives should engage the community and individuals and be culturally appropriate.

  • Knowledge and resource gaps to building successful, sustainable physical activity programs for many under-resourced groups need to be addressed.

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(NewMediaWire) – May 24, 2023 – DALLAS Hearts are kept strong with regular physical activity, and daily activity such as a daily, 20-minute, brisk walk is key; however, some

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