Poll reveals knowledge gap around metabolic health

“We are seeing a knowledge gap when it comes to metabolic health,” said Paul Spagnuolo, PhD, associate professor at the University of Guelph in Ontario and founder at SP Nutraceuticals. “Metabolic health is central to overall health, and emerging research has shown how AvoB can support mitochondria health at the cellular level to support metabolic health, which can have significant physiological benefits.”  

Dr. Spagnuolo isolated AvoB during the course of his leukemia research and launched the compound as main active ingredients in the company’s line of Metavo-branded supplements in 2020​.

The knowledge gap

Through an online survey commissioned from The Harris Poll earlier this year, SP Nutraceuticals found that nearly half of the 3,045 U.S. and Canadian respondents were “not aware that the metabolic system is the backbone of health” and that nearly three in four “have experienced at least one issue related to their metabolic health in the past year”. 

The survey also identified that most had limited knowledge about the common symptoms and detrimental long-term effects of untreated metabolic dysfunction, “with nearly two in five North Americans (38%) not knowing that metabolic issues can cause everyday health complaints like brain fog, food cravings, and energy slumps, and roughly the same proportion (37%) not knowing that it can cause serious health issues like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke”.

Those who experienced at least one issue related to metabolic health in the past year also reported that metabolic dysfunction negatively impacted many facets of their social and professional lives. 

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