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Sir Keir Starmer questioned on how Labour’s ‘five missions’ plan for NHS will be funded | Politics News

Keir Starmer has come under scrutiny over how he will fund the vast reforms he is planning to secure the future of the NHS.

The Labour leader gave a news briefing in Essex where he laid out his vision for the health service, as well as specific policy proposals and pledges for what his government would do if it wins power at the next election.

The NHS formed one of the five missions Sir Keir laid out in February that will be the core of his election manifesto heading into 2024.

They are:

  • Secure the highest sustained growth in the G7
  • Build an NHS fit for the future
  • Make Britain’s streets safe
  • Break down the barriers to opportunity at every stage
  • Make Britain a clean energy superpower

In his speech, Sir Keir set out three goals for the NHS, including that it would be “fit for purpose” with ambulances arriving

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The Rise Of #HowToReduceCortisol On TikTok

how to reduce cortisol trend danger

The Rise Of TikTok’s #HowToReduceCortisolGetty Images

Living a stress-free life seems like a far-flung dream. As far back as Ancient Greek civilisations, we’ve been expressing concern over stress. Indeed, the Greeks invented stoicism at least in part to help manage stress, anxiety and depression. In current times, the global pandemic – with its enormous health and socio-economic impact – has seen stress hit its highest spikes in decades. Gov. uk cited a 10% increase in psychological distress among adults over 18, thanks to Covid-19. And the implications of this have been clear to see, with people at their wits ends calling for the Great Resignation, ‘quiet quitting‘ and struggling with burnout.

So it’s unsurprising, given *TikTok’s role as a modern-day guidebook for life, whether it’s offering beauty hacks or advice for hopping on celibacy 2.0, that app-users would be looking to tackle stress. And lo

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Consumers Navigate Rising Food Prices, While Still Prioritizing Health: 2023 IFIC Food and Health Survey

Beautiful caucasian woman shopping groceries at supermarket.

Rising food prices may have more of an impact on food purchases this year, but consumers are still making healthy choices and trying new things, according to the latest Food and Health Survey from the International Food Information Council (IFIC).

The results of IFIC’s online survey of more than 1,000 Americans between the ages of 18 and 80 reveal what drives food and beverage purchases, how consumers define healthy food, how they feel about food safety, and more. 

Food prices increase their impact on shopping behaviors

Taste still ranks highest among food and beverage purchase drivers, with 87% of consumers putting it in the top spot this year (up from 80%). But price is a close second, moving up from 68% to 76%. Up from 83% in 2022, 91% of Americans in this year’s survey noticed an increase in overall food and beverage

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2023 IFIC Food and Health Survey Shows Americans Feel the Impact of Rising Costs, Stress, and Social Media on Food Choices

Washington, DC, May 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The International Food Information Council (IFIC) released its 2023 Food and Health Survey today, unveiling significant findings regarding Americans’ eating habits and food choices.

The 18th edition of the annual survey reveals key consumer insights around the rising cost of food, stress and well-being, the influence of social media on food and nutrition decisions, evolving eating patterns, climate consciousness, and healthy labels as purchase drivers.

“The 2023 IFIC Food and Health Survey is a comprehensive snapshot of the complex factors that shape American food and nutrition choices,” said Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, MS, RDN, President and CEO of IFIC. “As we navigate the shifting landscape of food production and consumption, this survey underscores the importance of balancing competing priorities, and consumers’ desire for clear and accurate information that empowers them to make the best food and beverage decisions for themselves and their families.”

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Unique insights in healthy packaged goods market

Australia’s most learned experts, and top supermarket representatives, will take to the stage at this year’s Naturally Good Summit delivering key insights into the hottest topics and trends currently driving the natural and organic wellness sector.

The summit, which will take place on Monday, June 5 at Sydney’s ICC as part of the 2023 Naturally Good event, will cover the core areas of trends and innovation, sustainability and socially conscious business, consumer insights, business strategy and retail. Visitors can take advantage of the summit’s early bird offer by purchasing tickets before midnight, Friday, 5 May.

Acclaimed speakers include Shruti Gupta, head of Buying Health and Wellness at Woolworths; Melissa Matteo, head of Buying Health and Breakfast at Coles; Michelle Teodoro, associate director Food Science at Mintel; Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis, head of Consumer Insights at Retail Doctor, Lauren Branson, CEO of Calyx.Eco, and Chris Freel from UnLtd & Mood.


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Why To Not Neglect Oral Health During Pregnancy

Why You Should Not Neglect Your Oral Health During Pregnancy

Yoga For Health & Wellness

While many women are aware of the importance of taking care of their health during pregnancy, they may not realise that oral health is also an important part of overall health. Gingivitis, an early stage of gum disease, affects around 75% of pregnant women, according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to research on the National Center for Biotechnology Information portal, neglecting oral health during pregnancy may also lead to problems, such as premature birth, low birth weight infant, and pre-eclampsia.

To learn more about it, we spoke to Dr Nihal Yadav, BDS, Amayra Dental Clinic, Kaushik Enclave, Burari, Delhi and Former Resident, Deen Dayal Hospital, Hari Nagar, Delhi. He explains the risks associated with poor oral health during pregnancy and the steps that expecting mothers can take to maintain good oral health.

Risks of Poor Oral Health During Pregnancy

According to Dr Nihal,

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Avoid Refined Sugar To Reduce Belly Fat. Have These Healthy Sugar Alternatives Instead

The struggle to lose belly fat is real. The area around the stomach gains weight quickly but losing it is the most difficult. The fat stored here can come from a variety of high-fat foods, sugar being one of them. High consumption of sugar has been linked to bulging stomachs by many studies. The author of one such research published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology says, “When we consume excessive sugar, it gets converted into fat and gets stored around the heart and abdomen. Another problem is that this fat tissue releases chemicals into the body which can be harmful to our health.”
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While it’s clear that we should avoid sugar to maintain optimal weight and get rid of belly fat, our target should be only refined sugar. Natural sugars like fructose

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Regular watermelon consumption may have benefits

Heart shaped pieces of watermelon on a white flat surfaceShare on Pinterest
Consuming watermelon may have benefits to cardiovascular health. Nuture/Getty Images
  • Two studies investigated the effects of watermelon on diet quality and cardiometabolic function.
  • They found that watermelon consumption is linked to higher nutrient intake and better heart health.
  • Further research is needed to understand how watermelon affects cardiometabolic health.

Watermelons contain many nutrients, such as potassium, vitamin C, and magnesium. The fruit also has a high bioavailability of antioxidants, including lycopene and l-citrulline.

Studies have shown that watermelon supplements and extracts decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Comparably fewer studies investigate raw watermelon, however, and those that do tend to involve large quantities of over 2 lbs per day.

Nevertheless, these studies also report that consumption of the fruit is linked to lower cholesterol and body weight, as well as a lower risk of prostate, lung, and breast cancer.

Further study

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The Future of Gut Health is Here: Casa de Sante Launches Personalized AI Resources for Navigating the Low FODMAP Diet

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May 15, 2023 (Vehement Media via COMTEX) —
United States, 13th May 2023, King NewsWireCasa de Sante, a leading provider of gut-friendly, low FODMAP certified products, is thrilled to announce the launch of its innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools designed to make following a low FODMAP diet easier and more personalized than ever before. This suite of AI tools includes the Low FODMAP Chef AI, Personalized AI Weekly Meal Planner, AI Assistant for Gut Questions, and an enhanced online shopping experience on both Casa de Sante’s website and Amazon.

The Low FODMAP Chef AI is a groundbreaking tool that uses AI technology to generate quick, easy, and tasty low FODMAP recipes. By inputting preferred ingredients and dietary restrictions, users receive instant recipe suggestions tailored to their needs, ensuring a hassle-free cooking experience.

Casa de

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Does your diet affect your fertility?

The authors of a 2021 review of research on the possible link between diet and female fertility concluded that, while their recommendations focused on women, “diet and nutritional patterns are undoubtedly significant for both male and female fertility”.

The researchers gave a detailed overview of the effects of individual nutrients and the foods that contain them. They also emphasised the importance of involving a clinical dietician in the care of couples planning a pregnancy. Broadly speaking, their summary recommended foods such as vegetables, fruit, whole-grain pasta and whole-grain bread (for carbohydrates); sources of healthy fat such as oily fish; and legumes, eggs and lean meat for protein. They also pointed out the important role of certain nutrients that may sometimes be overlooked: these include iodine, which helps the proper development of the fetus and the expectant mother’s thyroid function.

For alcohol, the advice is clear and consistent across the research.

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