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Nutrition And Lifestyle Hacks To Help You Feel Calmer In The New Year

For 2024, according to the Forbes Health/OnePoll survey of 1000 Americans polled about their attitudes towards new year’s resolutions, mental health was a bigger focus than in years past. The most popular goals for 2024 were found to be:

  • Improved fitness (48%)
  • Improved finances (38%)
  • Improved mental health (36%)
  • Lose weight (34%)
  • Improved diet (32%)

Less popular but still noteworthy were traveling more (6%), meditating regularly (5%), drinking less alcohol (3%) and performing better at work (3%).

There is a lot of common ground between these goals, and what can help support one goal can benefit others as well. For example, if you want to feel calmer and less anxious in the new year, making specific changes to your diet and exercise routine and using the right tools to track your progress and stay on top of screenings can improve your mental wellbeing. Here’s what health experts want you to

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Stress Eating Comfort Food Can Stress You Out Even More

A person holding a bowl of mac and cheese.Share on Pinterest
New research suggests that eating fatty comfort foods can make the effects of stress worse, increasing your risk of cardiovascular disease. Grace Cary/Getty Images
  • Studies show that people tend to eat fatty comfort foods when they are stressed.
  • However, a new study has found that these foods may make the effects of stress worse.
  • People who ate fatty meals had greater signs of endothelial dysfunction.
  • Endothelial dysfunction can increase the risk of problems like cardiovascular disease.
  • Experts say plant foods have compounds that may help reduce endothelial dysfunction.

Do you tend to reach for fatty comfort foods like ice cream and potato chips when you are under stress? If so, you may want to think twice, according to researchers at the University of Birmingham in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

A new study, which was published in the journal Frontiers in Nutrition, found that eating high-fat foods

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How Bacteria in Yogurt May Help Reduce Your Risk of Depression

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New research suggests that a bacteria found in fermented foods and yogurt may help your body better manage stress and reduce the risk of depression and anxiety. Fly View Productions/Getty Images
  • A new study in mice has found that the bacterium Lactobacillus helps the body manage stress, potentially preventing the onset of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.
  • The results could pave the way for new therapies to treat anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions.
  • Experts say these findings support a growing body of evidence on the relationship between the gut and brain, and the impact diet has on our mental health.
  • However Lactobacillus should not be considered a substitute for mental health treatment.

Mental health is complex, but new research suggests that a bacteria found in fermented foods and yogurt may help prevent depression and anxiety.

Researchers at the University of Virginia School of

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Pro Tips for Drinking Well Through the Holiday

An insiders’ guide on how to survive a season of drinking indulgences

The holiday season is also the season of indulging—not only in gifts, but food, drinks and sweets. Many experts offer up tips for healthy eating during the holidays—UC Davis Health has a list of eight; Harvard Health offers a dozen and the Centers for Disease Control, curiously, offers only five. Of these, only Harvard included a couple related to alcohol.

So, I asked the experts—industry insiders who know well the pitfalls of keeping up with the season’s festivities. With so many responses, the topic merits two stories, assuming you’ll be invited to a party or two. This installment focuses on resetting your mind and body, and prepping yourself to get through the season in good health. Part two will include practical

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Try These 23 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

For anyone trying to lose weight, snacking can feel like a guilty pleasure. But it doesn’t have to be. Eating periodic, healthy snacks can be good for you.

“Including snacks in a healthy diet can offer several advantages,” Christina Barth, assistant teaching professor and registered dietician nutritionist (RDN) at Arizona State University, told Newsweek. “They have the potential to boost nutrient intake, maintain consistent energy levels, aid in post-exercise recovery and provide a variety of healthy choices.”

Newsweek asked Barth and other nutrition experts about their favorite snacks for weight loss. Here are their picks:

1. Apple Slices With Peanut Butter

Apples are a great source of fiber and Vitamin C. Combined with peanut butter, which has healthy fats and protein, this snack gives you immediate energy and plenty of healthy nutrients to keep going throughout your day.

To make this snack, just slice an apple and

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